Be sure to indicate the units of your answer g a solar

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Unformatted text preview: being the magnetic field amplitude). Be sure to indicate the direction of the magnetic field. (The E and B fields of an electromagnetic wave have a fixed relationship to the direction of propagation of the wave. You know the direction of the wave, and the direction of E, so you can figure out the direction of B with the help of your sketch. Add the B ­field to your drawing in part (c).) e) What is the amplitude B0 of the magnetic field? f) What is the intensity I of the wave? Be sure to indicate the units of your answer. g) A solar cell is an example of a photo ­sensitive detector that absorbs the energy of incident electromagnetic radiation and converts it into useful power (with which to operate your solar ­ cell calculator, for example). Suppose our electromagnetic wave is incident on a small, square photo ­sensitive detector of...
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