The wavelength of the beam is l 514 nm and the

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Unformatted text preview: ratch filter”) → when the input signal is of low frequency, the input signal Vin is passed through to Vout without much change … but high ­frequency input signals are blocked. 10. A laser beam travels through vacuum. The electric field of the plane electromagnetic wave produced by the laser has the form given below. The wavelength of the beam is l = 514 nm, and the amplitude of the electric field is E0 = 2.5 x 104 N/C. ! ˆ E ( x, y, z, t ) = y E 0 cos( kz + "t # 45 " ) a) In what direction is this wave propagating? b) What are the magnitudes of the wave number k and angular frequency ω? ! c) Make a sketch of what the E ­field looks like at some moment in time. d) Write down an expression for the magnetic field B(x,y,z,t). Express your answer algebraically (i.e. no numbers) in terms of the symbols k, ω, and B0 (the latter...
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