E a common application of this circuit is in audio

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Unformatted text preview: you can write the function Vcapacitor(t) and show that the magnitude of this voltage is Emax when ω is small and negligible when ω is large. e) A common application of this circuit is in audio amplifiers, which process music signals containing many different frequencies. In this application, the generator EMF is produced by something like a CD player, or an old ­fashioned record player. This input signal Vin is sent through the resistor and capacitor, and an output signal Vout is produced by R Vin connecting an output device (like a Vout C speaker) in parallel across C. Suppose our music input comes from an old record ­player, and is subject to hiss ­and ­pop scratch noise. These distortions of the music are very short ­lived, and so are of very high frequency. Thus, we would like our amplifier to remove signals of very high frequency. This is called a low ­pass filter (or “sc...
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