psych 2 - Developmental Psychology Chapters 3&4...

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-1Developmental Psychology Research methods to determine psychological development Naturalistic observation Longitudinal research - group of people, long term to study growth Problems Very Time consuming Tired, keeping track, loosing people, Cross sectional research Social development Self-awareness, attachment to parents, relationships with peers and adults, Self-awareness Knowing your self, aware of self Social referencing Observing others in social situations to obtain info and guidance Emotional attachment Close emotional bonds that infants form with parents, caregivers, and others Securely attached Stable and positive emotional bond Positives- Resiliency, curiosity, problem solving, social skills Insecure - avoidant Anxious emotional bond Tendency to avoid reunion Insecure - ambivalent Anxious emotional bond Both desire to be w/ parent and resistance to being reunited Types of play Solitary play Playing alone Cooperative play Two or more children that need to coordinate their actions
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psych 2 - Developmental Psychology Chapters 3&4...

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