psych3 - -1Chapter 10- Emotion Dealing with death...

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Unformatted text preview: -1Chapter 10- Emotion Dealing with death Thanatologist- studies death Emotional reactions Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Grief- intense sorrow and shock Emotional pattern of grieving process- period of shock Emotions- characterized by physiological arousal and changes on facial expressions, gestures, changes in posture, and subjective feeling Primary emotions Fear Sadness Anger Joy Surprise Disgust Anticipation Trust Paul eckman- 6 expressions we can detect through facial expressions Sadness fear Joy Anger Surprise Disgust Kinesics- body language Emotion theory Cannon-Bard Theory (1927) - arousal and emotional feeling occur at the same time James-Lange Theory (1884-85)- body becomes aroused before we experience emotional feeling Facial-Feedback (1989)- sensations from body language and facial expressions help define what emotions a person feels Schachters Cognitive Theory of Emotion (1971)- emotion occurs when we apply a particular label to...
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psych3 - -1Chapter 10- Emotion Dealing with death...

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