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Psych notes Two branches of the nervous system - Auto - Para sympathetic Brain research Ablation- removal of piece of brain Deep lesioning - electrode in the brain to damage tissue Ct- scan MRI scan Pet scan - computer generated image of brain activity Cerebral cortex - higher brain function, complex thought Brain has left and right hemispheres connected by the corpus callosum Fibrous band that runs between hemispheres Two drastically different parts of the brain connected Split brain patients- uses words that can be split or could be whole. Used to determine brain connectivity between hemispheres. Will see one word and will move to the other. Occipital lobes- primary visual area. Damage causes vision problems, vision gaps. Parietal lobes- deals with information from the skin Temporal lobe - hearing Frontal lobe- movement control, emotions, reasoning Broca’s area- prefrontal cortex area that helps produce speech Broca’s aphasia- disruption of ability to speak Wernicke’s area - temporal lobe, speech comprehension
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