phil of mind paper #3 final draft

phil of mind paper #3 final draft - Gable Parigian Phil...

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Gable Parigian Phil 100D 3-13-08 Varieties of Functionalism In beginning the discussion between the main differences of Functionalism and Psychofunctionalism I must explain why these theories were created. They were created to show that a given system can have a mental state without being circular and the only way to do this was to “Ramsify” a given theory. This could be done by either using a folk psychology or an empirical scientifical theory in order to show the theory was correct. And generally speaking this folk psychology is Functionalism and the empirical scientifical theory is Psychofunctionalism. Functionalism is greatly different than Psychofunctionalism. Functionalism is grounded in folk psychology and common sense knowledge. This common sense knowledge is just what all people would accept and use to describe ones behavior. Yet, this is where there is a big problem with Functionalism. The meanings of the mental terms are paramount and if one person thinks some term is different than what another person thinks it is than the whole thing is wrong. It’s just that the meaning of the theory is tied so close to its words that it’s hard for it to always work correctly. For example, one philosopher could think pain is (x) and another could think it’s (2x) so, there’s just no way the given theory could hold due to two even slightly different opinions. Furthermore, Functionalism is a very liberal view; liberal meaning it counts too many things as mental states. It does this for qualitative states, things such as pains and itches, and propositional attitudes, things such as beliefs and desires. Plus, Functionalism is bound to specify inputs and outputs like behaviorism. For a human they could be inputs such as sounds and light and outputs like the moving of arms. Obviously, a snake doesn’t have arms but, I won’t explain this any further as it doesn’t concern our main goal in this paper.
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Psychofunctionalism on the other hand plugs in an empirical scientifical theory. This scientifical theory is something that is not obvious to everyone in the world. And it could even be
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phil of mind paper #3 final draft - Gable Parigian Phil...

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