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midterm study guide - This exam will cover ALL READINGS AND...

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This exam will cover ALL READINGS AND LECTURES from chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 as well as the articles posted on blackboard, the lecture given by the guest presenter, and the group presentations. Basically, anything assigned (even if I did not lecture on it) or said during class (even if it seems like I was just rambling on about something) could be on the exam. This is because 1) you are ultimately responsible for all of the readings, which go hand in hand with the lectures, and 2) I like to talk about things and I want to make sure you are listening to me! The unit on social class (ch. 10) will NOT be on the midterm, but you will see it on the final. .. In particular, it will be useful to know the following: 1. What do people in the sociology of sport use their research to develop an understanding of? -the cultures and societies in which sports exist -the social worlds that are created around sports -the experiences of individuals and groups associated with sports 2. What are the main concerns of sociologists who study sports and what do they study generally? 3. What does sociology help us examine? -study of social life, including all forms of social interaction and relationships -social life in context and to see the connections between our lives and the larger social world 4. What is culture? -consists of the ways of life people create in a particular group or society -complex -changed by struggle -not imposed by some on others 5. What are social constructions? -as aspects of the social world that are created by people as they interact with each other and live their lives in connection with social, political, and economic processes in particular societies 6. What is context? 7. What is meant by the sport-society dialectic? -both influence each other 8. What are ideologies?
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-sets of interrelated ideas that people use to give meaning to and make sense of the world -important parts of culture because they embody the principles, orientations, and viewpoints that underlie our feelings, thoughts, and actions 9. What are the differences between gender ideology, racial ideology, and social class ideologies? What do each of these ideologies emphasize in most societies? Who do these ideologies influence and in what ways? What are the dominant racial and gender ideologies in contemporary America? -gender ideology—consists of a set of interrelated ideas about masculinity, femininity, and relationships between men and women -emphasized that men are naturally superior to women in any activity that involves strength, physical skills, and emotional control -racial ideology—an interrelated set of ideas that people use to give meaning to skin color and to evaluate people in terms of racial classifications -vary around the world -used to place people into racial categories and they influence important social practices and policies that affect people’s lives
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midterm study guide - This exam will cover ALL READINGS AND...

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