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argument paper for MOI

argument paper for MOI - Kristen Kern Argument Dr Ahuna due...

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Kristen Kern Argument ; Dr. Ahuna due 4-9-08 Summary Question : Should gay marriage be allowed in the US? Pros 1. Not allowing happiness in the homosexual lifestyle affects the mental health of the homosexual population. 2. Marriage benefits (such as joint ownership, medical decision-making) should be available to all couples. Cons 1. Most religions consider homosexuality a sin 2. It could take away much of the institution of a legalized marriage and give people ideas about what marriage could be (i.e. polygamy or marrying animals) Elements of Thought Analysis Point of view : homosexual engaged adult woman Question at issue : should homosexuality be legalized in the US? Purpose : to insure equal rights to all and keep order and support for the institutions of marriage in the eyes of the law. Concept : gay rights and marriage Data : -The National Institute of Health (a US Federal Government agency) reported that as many as 30% of youth suicides are by gays and lesbians. -This is a list of benefits shared by married couples in most US states, as provided by the U.S. Federal Laws for the Legally Married: 1. to not be forced to testify in court against each other; 2. ability to make medical decisions on each other’s behalf; 3. to seek wrongful death compensation; 4. access to a decedent’s estate in the absence of a will; 5. to maintain life and disability insurance on a spouse; 6. eligibility for worker’s compensation death benefits; and
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7. to automatically hold property as tenants in common.
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argument paper for MOI - Kristen Kern Argument Dr Ahuna due...

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