elements of thought

elements of thought - “normal” at 160-137...

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Kristen Kern 3-24-08 Monitor: Victoria Elements of Thought Article Exercise Dr. Ahuna Point of View: author, obese man Question at issue: should obesity be considered and handled as a crisis? Purpose: to decide if obesity should be considered a crisis. Concept: obesity Data: - The number of those dieting (54 million) has risen parallel with the rise in obesity, according to an April 9 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. - Overweight and obesity cost society $90 billion to $117 billion a year. - Over working and workplace stress cost $30 billion a year, says the International Labor Organization. - Injuries from recreational activities cost $26 billion, says the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. - The definition of overweight and obesity is based on body mass index; a numeric scale based on ratio of height to weight. There is a calculator on the web site of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention ( www.cdc.gov ). - A six foot man is still obese if he went from 280-225 pounds. He would be
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Unformatted text preview: “normal” at 160-137 pounds (www.cdc.gov).-By body mass index, a five foot seven man is “normal” at 120 pounds.-The CDC declared that 64 percent of us are overweight and nearly half of that number, or about 30 percent, are obese, and that obesity has increased dramatically (doubled) in the past 20 years.-In 1998 25 million Americans became overweight over night because the official definition of overweight changed; a five foot ten man weighing 184 went from “normal” to nine pounds overweight.-The CDC says that many factors, including muscle mass, bone structure and family history, must be considered. Inference: no, obesity should not be considered a crisis in society. Consequence: there is no need for panic. He favors public health measures to alert us to the dangers and help us slim down. Assumptions: obesity is a bad thing....
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elements of thought - “normal” at 160-137...

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