Practice Questions for BUL 4310 spring 2013 emerson

Practice Questions for BUL 4310 spring 2013 emerson - TEST...

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1 TEST QUESTIONS FROM PRIOR BUL 4310 TESTS OF ROBERT EMERSON © Robert W. Emerson, Jan. 2013 The hundreds of questions below have been put into order based on the subject coverage this semester. Test One (207 total questions) – Introduction to Law and Legal Systems (59 questions), Intellectual Property (33 questions), Agency (29 questions), Employment Discrimination Law (17 questions), Establishing a Business (e.g., corporations, partnerships) (69 questions) Test Two (195 total questions) – Contracts (141 questions), Constitutional Law (31 questions), Criminal Law (23 questions) Test Three (160 total questions) - Lawyers, Juries and Judges (45 questions); Courts (15 questions); Jurisdiction & Related Issues (Venue, Conflicts), Legal Systems, Federalism (23 questions); Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (45 questions); Torts (negligence, intentional wrongs, strict liability, warranties) (32 questions) The LSB references in the answers do not include page numbers because of changes in the order of the course coverage, which changed the sequencing in the LSB. The Barron’s page references are meant to be to the current 5 th edition and are therefore accurate; if they are to the prior edition, the page number may be off slightly. References to answers coming from lectures, of course, usually refer to lectures from previous semesters as ordinarily we have not gotten to that material yet this semester. Most of those lecture discussions likely will occur this semester as well. As with all material posted on the course website, you are free to print this out and bring to the test. I am neither recommending it (lots of paper!), nor discouraging it, but simply noting that it is entirely your call whether to do that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEST ONE (207 questions) – Pages 1-40 TEST TWO (195 questions) – Pages 41-80 FINAL EXAM (160 questions) – Pages 81-104 Test 1: - Introduction: Law and Legal Systems (Questions 1-59) - Intellectual Property (Questions 60-92) - Agency (Questions 93-121) - Employment Discrimination Law (Questions 122-138) - Establishing a Business (e.g., corporations, partnerships) (Questions 139-207) Introduction: Law and Legal Systems 1. True or False: Mark has recently been having issues with his next-door neighbor trespassing into his backyard. He decides to sue his neighbor in a small claims court.
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2 Not knowing much about what goes on in court, Mark decides to do some research by watching several episodes of Judge Judy. He takes notes on the way the judge acts and how the plaintiff and defendant act. This show tends to give a reasonably accurate portrayal of the American legal system, at least with respect to the role of the judge in deciding the law and finding the facts. 2.
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Practice Questions for BUL 4310 spring 2013 emerson - TEST...

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