PHYSICS CHEAT SHEET - Constant a Vf=Vi+at Sf=Si+Vit+.5at 2...

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Unformatted text preview: Constant a Vf=Vi+at Sf=Si+Vit+.5at 2 Vf 2 =Vi 2 +2ad Constant v Sf=Si+vt Ax=Acos or Asin Ay=Asin or Asin A=sqrt(Ax 2 +Ay 2 ) =tan-1 (Ay/Ax) =tan-1 (Ax/Ay) For right tri a/SinA=b/sinB=etc Deg*(/180)=rad Fnet=ma At rest or constant V Fnet=0 w app =w[1+(a y /g)] F fric =F N Fric not A/R pair! F drag =.25Area*v 2 (v in opp dir motion) a =-[g+(D/m)] a=-[g-(D/m)] v term =sqrt[(4mg)/A] Projectiles v ix =Initial Speed x Cos(launch angle) v iy =Initial Speed x Sin(launch angle) x f =x i +v ix t, v fx =v ix y f =y i +v iy t-.5gt 2 v fy =v iy-gt distance= [v o 2 sin(2)]/g *same elevation v i= (m proj+ m target)/ m proj ) x v f Relative Motion x=x+V x t or x=x- V x t y=y+V y t or y=y- V y t v x =v x +V x or v x =v x-V x v y =v y +V y or v y =v y-V y a = same 4 both! Circular Motion (angular position)= angle from + x axis *divide by 2 for rotats + for ccw, - for cw w= inst. ang. vel....
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