Lect 18 CVD Part 2

Sterol 1sterol foods foods enriched w phytosterols

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Unformatted text preview: ol 1sterol Foods Foods enriched w/ phytosterols: Benecol Benecol Spread Take Control Stanol ester Cholesterol 28 AHA 2006 Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations Goals for CVD Risk Reduction • Consume healthy diet • Aim for normal BW, BP, BG, & recommended levels of lipids • Be physically active • Avoid use & exposure to tobacco products Recommendations • Limit saturated fat to < 7% calories, trans fat to <1% calories, cholesterol to <300 mg/d • Consume fish 2 x wk fish wk • Consume diet rich in fruit and vegetables, whole grains, high fiber foods • Choose & prepare foods w/ little or no salt • Minimize intake of beverages & foods w/ added sugars intake of beverages foods w/ added sugars • Balance calorie intake & activity to achieve or maintain a healthy weight 29 The Ideal Diet Ideal Diet • Restrict saturated fat to < 7% calories • Avoid trans fatty acid sources trans fatty acid sources • Moderately increase mono- and polyunsaturated fat to maintain total intake above ~25% • Restrict cholesterol to < 200 mg daily • Increase fruit and vegetable intake for soluble fiber content, & phytonutrients • Favor complex carbohydrates, whole grains • Reduce salt intake • Encourage plant protein sources, fish & nuts plant protein sources fish nuts • Include skim/low fat dairy foods 30 Dietary Patterns Examples of diet patterns rich in plant food sources & food phytochemicals…number of F/V servings is typical USDA dietary guidelines or the American Heart Association recommendations: Predictors of F/V intake: Favorable taste preferences F>M Age SES Educational status attained status attained • DASH diet Barriers to F/V intake: Cost Limited access access Time to prepare foods Unfamiliarity with certain foods Cultural norms • Mediterranean diet 31 32 Examples from...
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