How much additional power is needed under rayleigh

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Unformatted text preview: How much additional power is needed under Rayleigh fading to maintain a bit error rate of 10-3? 6. (Rate Adaptation) Browse through the following paper: Goodput Analysis and Link Adaptation for IEEE 802.11a Wireless LANs, by Daji Qiao, Sunghyun Choi, and Kang G. Shin Consider a simple path loss model without shadowing/fading. Use figure 8a from this paper, which relates throughput to the SNR. Assuming a transmit power of 23dBm, received power at a reference distance of 1m being -10dBm, and receiver noise of -90dBm, plot the goodput of 802.11a as a function of distance for path loss exponents 2 and 4. 7. (MATLAB SIMS) Read Prabhu and Shankar, “Simulation Of Flat Fading Using MATLAB For Classroom Instruction” available online at http://...
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