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Unformatted text preview: a. b) Predict the path loss at 2km based on this model. 4. (Outage probability as a function of distance for Log-Normal Shadowing / Fading) For the simple path loss with log-normal shadowing/fading model that you obtained in the above question, plot the outage probability as a function of distance, assuming Pt = 30 dBm, the noise level is -100 dBm, and the SNR threshold for acceptable error rate is deemed to be 10 dB. Now vary the path loss exponent and the standard deviation of the log-normal fading to different values and show how they affect the outage probability as a function of distance. 5. (Digital Modulation under fading) Numerically plot curves for the BER performance of BPSK versus average SNR per bit in AWGN and in Rayleigh fading channels (based on their mathematical expressions)....
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