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Ashley Cumming History 4B 1/17/08 Paper 1 To justify his claims to authority for the papacy and the church, Gregory VII uses three types of arguments. The first is his argument of scripture. His example asks “are kings an exception or are they not among the sheep entrusted to Peter by the Son of God?” (pg. 7). Through his reference to the scripture of Jesus Christ speaking in the Gospel, he emphasizes his claim to authority for the papacy and church. His second argument is tradition. He used previous Pope’s rulings beforehand to justify his claims to power. He quotes Blessed Pope Gregory I, “kings who allow themselves to violate the decrees of the Apostolic See ought to be deprived of their
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Unformatted text preview: authority (pg. 7). This quote emphasizes the fact that no one can refute the Holy Roman Church, which is what Gregory VII uses to justify his authority. His third argument is common sense. Gregory VII maintains that a king or prince who does not live in accordance with his religiononly seeks power to indulge their passions and to give free reign to their ungovernable pride (pg. 8). His common sense asserts kings are incompetent and have an alternative agenda. He therefore demands that priests are capable rulers and deserve power....
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