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Week 5 Introduction to Marketing
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Introduction to Marketing Paola Polo Everest Online Professor Kjellander Mary Kay What information should be included in a written positioning statement for Mary Kay? The information that should be included in a position statement is how the business is defined or expresses itself, as how its brand is different from other, what’s it objective. Next how can its product or service benefit consumers . Last how can you express or explain how this product can benefit your targeted consumers. It should clearly state the company’s purpose, from its moral to ethical position of the business. How would you draft a formal, written positioning statement for Mary Kay using the information detailed in question 1? I would draft a written position statement for Mary Kay by writing how Mary Kay empowers women, has a great skin care and make up line and how more and more women are becoming
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Unformatted text preview: empowered to become independent in areas that women dont have much expectation to be anything, let alone be a sales representative. Is Mary Kay a global brand? Why or why not? In my opinion it is a global brand because its in more than one country and has different products and sale strategies for it being in different parts of the world. How has Mary Kay, India, focused on the different steps in the customer-based brand equity pyramid described in Figure 10-5? Mary Kay India focused on the different steps in the customer based brand equity pyramid by paying attention to the customers wants and need depending on the country know their culture and religion. That the companys purpose is to get across to the customer and builds a relationship with the customer. Reference Kerin, R. A., Hartley, S. W., Rudelius, W. (2013)...
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