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Executive Summary Our country is fighting a losing battle with many of the top causes of death, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, all directly attributable to poor nutrition. Adults and children alike are becoming more dependant upon unhealthy food. This trend will lead us into a continuing spiral of poor health. Fortunately, poor nutrition is not hereditary nor a disease. Instead, the simple cure for poor nutrition is education. Parents and children need to understand that eating nutritional meals is simple, affordable, and fun. As the nutritional habits of our New York City community improve, so does our battle against the leading causes of death, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. And, simply put, improved health leads to more fulfilling and productive lives. To combat the nutritional ills of our community, we have established Brain Power , an organization dedicated to educating our schoolchildren about nutrition. Brain Power will serve as a mentoring institution for high school and elementary school children, while educating them about nutrition. The organization’s goal is not only to educate these children about healthy eating, but also to empower them with the ability and knowledge to help educate their family and friends about this important issue. In essence, these children will be the sparkplug to a larger community awareness of the importance of nutrition. We have built several specific components into the program that will teach the children leadership skills, nutritional know‐how, and possible career paths. For instance, our children will work on rooftop gardens located throughout the city. They will then sell their wares at the local Brain Power Mentoring Our Schoolchildren with an Emphasis on Nutritional Education
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2 Greenmarkets in the city, taking advantage of the locavore movement in the city. During the winter months, our students will have the ability to work in various hotel and culinary school kitchens to learn how simple and affordable it is to cook nutritional (and tasty) meals. Lastly, our students will receive constant mentorship by credit‐receiving college students majoring in nutrition‐related subjects. Our pilot program proved to be a big success, increasing the nutritional “brain power” of our students. Also, our plan calls for self‐sufficiency within three years. Therefore, we are excited and ready to launch this program so that our city’s schoolchildren can take full advantage of its benefits. We are hoping that you agree and are ready to come aboard. Need Of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States, six are linked to a poor diet. Among these are heart disease, stroke and diabetes. As a nation, we have major issues pertaining to maintaining a certain standard of health.
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Brain Power Proposal sample - BrainPower MentoringOur...

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