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MUAR 393 :Listening Assignment #1 Michael Roskies (260193197) Michael Dave Laing February 18 th , 2008 On February 13 th , 2008, I entered the House of Jazz on Aylmer with the intention of seeing my first-ever jazz performance, but instead left having experienced a culture I had never been introduced to. While listening to the music, I quickly learnt that jazz is as much that as it is ambiance and community. Before even walking into this live entertainment restaurant, the small vestibule serving to fully separate outdoors from indoors was padded with leather walls reminiscent of an old-time 1940s movie. The walls were covered in picture frames of famous jazz musicians and my friends and I tried to identify some of them (with little luck). Past the tiny entrance was a vastly open space with proportionally large chandeliers and a rectangular bar that I was seated at after paying the $5 cover for not eating a meal. The regulars sat and were given their meals without ordering and their reserved seats
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