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Unformatted text preview: an states the desi r ed outcome or goal and the pr ocess f or achi evi ng i t. Contr ol i s the r egul ati on of or gani zati onal acti vi ti es and pr ocesses i n such a way as to f aci l i tate goal attai nment. Assume that you ar e a manager of a busi ness. State the type of busi ness you ar e managi ng (i t can be any busi ness you choose). Gi ve two exampl es of contr ol s that you woul d i mpl ement i n the busi ness and how they coul d f aci l i tate goal attai nment. (Points : 35) Spellc hec k er vr t/r e /DotNe xtLa unc h.a sp? c our s...
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