Empl oyee moti vati on appear s to be sl i ppi ng as

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Unformatted text preview: vati on appear s to be sl i ppi ng as wel l as empl oyee per f or mance. Empl oyees seem to have a negati ve atti tude about thei r wor k whi ch has l ed to some tur nover of empl oyees and an i ncr ease i n absenteei sm. You have been asked to pr ovi de upper management wi th r ecommendati ons of how to i mpr ove moti vati on of the empl oyees. Pl ease cr eate a moti vati on pl an and l i st the mai n moti vati onal theor i es you ar e appl yi ng i n thi s pl an. You shoul d come up wi th a mi ni mum of 3 i deas on how to i mpr ove moti vati on. (Points : 35) Spellc hec k...
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