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Unformatted text preview: er vr t/r e /DotNe xtLa unc h.a sp? c our se id= 7620074&use r id= 8585120&se ssionid= a 3d217f d42&ta bid= gW Qyr yI iTI UlRCz E0w0HkxwlYkuw0GFnoghpmg… 1/3 2/25/13 Pr inc iple s of Ma na ge me nt 3. (TCO 9) You ar e the pl ant m anager at Acm e Pl asti cs. You ar e r unni ng tw o shi f ts, a day shi f t and an eveni ng shi f t. Bef or e the day shi f t l eaves each day, the wor ker s must get an adequate suppl y of r aw mater i al s f r om the war ehouse f or the eveni ng shi f t to use. On sever al occasi ons, they have f ai l ed to do so. By the ti me the ev...
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