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Unformatted text preview: La unc h.a sp? c our se id= 7620074&use r id= 8585120&se ssionid= a 3d217f d42&ta bid= gW Qyr yI iTI UlRCz E0w0HkxwlYkuw0GFnoghpmg… 1/3 2/25/13 Pr inc iple s of Ma na ge me nt Em otional Intelligence Human res ourc es is the perfec t s egue into our dis c us s ion of indiv idual behav ior in organiz ations . Why ? Bec aus e the Ps y c hologic al Contrac t is the s et of beliefs held by s omeone regarding what he or s he is able to c ontribute to a giv en s ituation, and what the organiz ation, in return, will prov ide to him or her. (Griffin, 2008). We would ty pic ally dev elop this when we are firs t rec ruited and hired by an organiz ation. There are s ev eral different way s to c harac teriz e our pers onalities , inc luding the My ers ­Briggs framework . This is one of the mos t frequently ­us ed pers onality as s es s ments in the bus ines s env ironment. Note that there are link s in the Webliography if y ou're interes ted in tak ing and then analy z ing the My ers ­Briggs pers onality tes t. Em otional Intelligence Let's foc us on the Emotional Intelligenc e s ec tion of this c hapter....
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