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Unformatted text preview: is the emotional c ondition of an indiv idual (or group) with regard to the tas k s at hand. In other words , things that inc reas e morale are things that mak e y ou lik e y our job and that mak e y ou happy with y our employ er. A piz z a party , c as ual Friday s , holiday parties , a good park ing s pac e, an Employ ee of the Month plaque, and s o on. Thes e things mak e y ou think , "This is a great plac e to work ." Howev er, tak e note that there is NO ev idenc e that thes e ac tiv ities inc reas e long­term motiv ation in the work plac e. Motiv ation is the c ontinued willingnes s to work hard to meet the organiz ation's goals bec aus e they help employ ees meet their goals . So in thes e terms , what's the differenc e between a y ear­end bonus and a pay inc reas e? How long until the good feelings from the holiday bonus wear off? Probably up until the firs t c redit c ard s tatement in J anuary . An inc reas e in s alary , howev er, is a las ting tes tament to good performanc e. It mak es the employ ee feel that he or s he is v...
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