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Unformatted text preview: s e errors ? Overcoming Evaluation Errors Recency Effect Fix: Keep good rec ords of employ ees ' s trengths and weak nes s es , ac c omplis hments , and errors , throughout the y ear. You'll hav e thorough notes on whic h to bas e y our ev aluation, as well as c onc rete ex amples in c as e the employ ee gets defens iv e or dis agrees with s omething. Halo Effect Fix: Mak e the effort to be impartial. It's natural to get along better with s ome people than with others , but an effec tiv e manager does not let this c loud his or her v is ion when look ing at how employ ees meet the goals that y ou hav e es tablis hed. General Fix: Implement 360­degree feedbac k . One c aution ­ while the c onc ept and the anony mity of res pons es is attrac tiv e, there hav e been c as es where the employ ee being ev aluated c hoos es who ev aluates him or her. As a manager, this does n't giv e a well­ balanc ed pic ture. If I had a c onflic t with an internal c us tomer, would I c hoos e this c us tomer to ev aluate me? Probably not. So I rec ommend s ome s uperv is ion in terms of who is on the lis t to ev aluate. vr t/r e /DotNe xt...
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