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Unformatted text preview: Our "EQ" not only predic ts how s uc c es s ful we'll be at work , but als o in other areas of our life as well. There was a piec e on National Public Radio (NPR) about the Bus h Adminis tration's Marriage Educ ation initiativ e, whic h was bas ic ally a s eries of marriage c las s es offered to thos e mos t at ris k for div orc e. The indic ators for determining whether or not a c ouple would remain happily married (defined as not div orc ed) were v ery s imilar to the EQ traits that we s tudy : Self­awarenes s : A pers on's ability to be in tune with how he or s he is feeling. In general, the more s elf­aware a pers on is , the better that pers on is at guiding his or her life and behav ior. Managing emotions : A pers on's ability to manage his or her anx ieties , fears , and anger s o that thes e emotions do not interfere with the pers on's ability to get things done. Motiv ating ones elf: A pers on's ability to remain optimis tic and to be able to s triv e to ac hiev e and be s uc c es s ful. Empathy : A pers on's ability to unders tand how others are f...
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