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Unformatted text preview: eeling in a giv en s ituation. Soc ial s k ills : A pers on's ability to enter and s us tain pos itiv e interpers onal relations hips . Studies s how that y our EQ is ev en more of an indic ator of high work performanc e than y our IQ. So as managers , what does this mean for us ? Can we teac h thes e traits to our employ ees ? Probably not, at leas t not without great time and ex pens e, but we c an s c reen for them during the rec ruitment/hiring proc es s . We c an als o fos ter an organiz ational c ulture that rewards thes e traits ; admittedly , this is eas ier s aid than done. Em ployee Motivation and Perform ance The s tudy of motiv ation is one area of management in whic h the underly ing theory is v ery important. This is a s ignific ant c onc ept bec aus e it really applies to our whole liv es , not jus t to managing a s ubordinate. Motivation vs. Morale Firs t of all, let's talk about what motiv ation is n't. It is important to unders tand the differenc e between motiv ation and morale ­ they are not s y nony ms . Morale...
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