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Unformatted text preview: need to differentiate between being managers and being employ ees , bec aus e the differenc e in perc eption is huge. Performanc e apprais als are s imply formal as s es s ments of how well employ ees are doing their jobs . Howev er, their impac t on c ompens ation, motiv ation, training, c areer planning, and promotions is unders tandably s ignific ant. For ex ample, the fac ulty ev aluation s urv ey s that DeVry Online s tudents c omplete in Week 7 ­ thes e s c ores are s tudied c arefully not only to monitor indiv idual fac ulty , but als o to look for larger trends and s atis fac tion rates . Let's tak e this one s tep further and look at two ty pes of errors or bias es that c an oc c ur when ev aluating an employ ee. Recency Error: Let's us e the ex ample of an online ins truc tor and a s tudent's end of term ev aluation of that ins truc tor. Ev en though the ins truc tor has alway s res ponded to the s tudent's e­mails within a few hours in the pas t, in Week 6, it took the ins truc tor four day s to res pond to a mes s age from that s tudent. So, the s tudent mark s the ins tru...
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