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Unformatted text preview: c tor as being "unres pons iv e" on the s urv ey bec aus e that's what the s tudent remembers , bec aus e it was mos t rec ent. As another ex ample, there's a s ales woman who has been av erage the entire y ear, y et book ed a huge s ale in the 4th quarter. This is fres h in her manager's mind, s o he rates her as abov e av erage on her rev iew, when in fac t s he is not. Halo Effect: This c ould be when y ou lik e an ins truc tor bec aus e they are approac hable and k nowledgeable (or for whatev er reas on), s o again, on the fac ulty ev aluation, y ou mark ev ery ques tion with a high rating ev en though, in fac t, they didn't c ov er a partic ular TCO v ery thoroughly . As another ex ample, y ou're the bos s and hav e an employ ee who does ex c ellent quality work but has a hard time meeting deadlines . Bec aus e this c aus es many problems , y ou mark him as being a poor performer bas ed on this s ingle attribute. Can y ou think of ex amples from y our ex perienc es ? More importantly , as a manager, how are y ou going to ov erc ome the...
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