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Unformatted text preview: alued, and it c an be built upon y ear after y ear. The Two­Factor Theory This theory (als o k nown as Motiv ation­Hy giene) c an be a little tric k y to unders tand, s o let's talk more about it. In terms of hy giene fac tors , in and of thems elv es , they 're not really de­motiv ators as muc h as they are non­motiv ators . This means that thes e things need to be pres ent for us not to be unhappy with our jobs , but they don't motiv ate us to work harder. Sorry about the double negativ e, but that's the bes t way to ex plain it. Here is an ex ample that will help y ou unders tand this c onc ept. Let's tak e y our bas ic s alary . With any job, y ou pretty muc h tak e for granted that they 're going to pay y ou. Let's s ay that the end of the month c omes , and no pay c hec k . Therefore, y ou are v ery dis s atis fied. On the other hand, if y ou rec eiv e y our pay c hec k lik e y ou ex pec t to, that does not motiv ate y ou to perform harder ­ there's s imply "no dis s atis fac tion" pres ent. Our bas e pay is therefore a hy giene fac tor. Similarly , if y our bos s is nic e, it's not a big motiv ator w...
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