Immigration - Max Waller English 101 Hanson Argument...

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Max Waller English 101 – Hanson Argument – Illegal Immigration The Best Solution to Immigration Problems Illegal immigration is an ever-growing problem in the United States, especially along the Mexican border. America can agree that illegal immigration causes a great deal of problems, both morally and financially. However, many fail to see both sides of this dilemma and do not realize that Mexicans, like all other immigrants, have a great deal to contribute to the United States of America. Sadly, they are being suppressed out of ignorance and fear of change. This country was founded on the idea of equal rights, and fortunately, that idea has not yet changed. Although many Americans agree with the bans on illegal immigration, it is unwise, not to mention unfair, for Mexicans to be banned from the country. Mexican immigrants appreciate this nation so much that they are willing to do jobs that no other Americans desire. It is difficult for Americans to understand how poor the living environments are in Mexico. Conditions are so poor that women fear going to work (Sanders).
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Immigration - Max Waller English 101 Hanson Argument...

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