You have to use a switch statement the results for a

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Unformatted text preview: () has local copies to x and y, and the changes of x and y will be local to swap(). Revise code as follows: // swap the contents of x and y void swap (int *x, int *y) { int tmp; } tmp = *x; *x = *y; *y = tmp; // example of using swap() void call_swap() { int a, b; … swap (&a, &b); … } Question 2: Switch Statement (10 pts) Complete the following function that counts the number of each vowel, namely a, e, i, o, u and y and their upper case, in a C string. You have to use a switch statement. The results for a, e, i, o, u should be stored in an array of five element in the same sequence; for example, element 0 stores the result for a, element 1 for e, and so on. See the comments for more information. The following is an example how the function is to be called. char message = ”Welcome to CprE 288”; int counter[5]; int c...
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