Your home directory on those servers is your u drive

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Unformatted text preview: ess/#Linux- Remote- Access for remote access instructions. See http://www.washington.edu/computing/unix/unixqr.html for commonly used UNIX commands. You may create your program using your favorite editor and then copy it into your U: drive. Your home directory on those servers is your U: drive. To build a program, assuming the name of the program file is myprogram.c: gcc –o myprogram myprogram.c To test run the program: ./myprogram Question 1: Function and Pointer (10 pts) The following function is intended to swap the values of two variables: // swap the contents of x and y void swap (int x, int y) { int tmp; } tmp = x; x = y; y = tmp; // example of using swap() void call_swap() { Name: Lab Section: int a, b; … swap (a, b); … } The function does not work as intended. Explain Why. Then revise the code, including both swap and call_swap functions. Test your code, and then cut and paste it in the space below. C function is pass- by- value, that means swap...
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