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Quartus II Tutorial ENGRD 230 - Spring 2007 1 Introduction to Graphical Gate Entry and Simulation in Quartus II (A.W. Bojanczyk and D. Long) (updated by D.H. Albonesi) Quartus II from Altera will be used in the ENGRD230 digital lab in all design projects. 1 Downloading, licensing and installing student version of Quartus II Altera has a free version of the Quartus II software, the Quartus II Web Edition, that you can download to your own PC running Windows XP or 2000. (Sorry, there is no MAC version.) You can use this version of the Quartus II design software to work on your prelabs outside of lab and then bring your completed designs to lab for your lab sessions. The Quartus II Web Edition can be downloaded from the Altera web site from the following URL: Once you are there, do the following to install the software: 1) Click on ‘Download the Quartus II Web Edition Software’. 2) Click on the ‘Download’ button for Quartus ® II Web Edition Software v6 for Windows. 3) Fill in the form on the left side of the login page. 4) Click a second time on the ‘Download’ button. Your download should start. This is a rather large file, so it can take a while to download. 5) When your download is completed return to this page (if necessary) and click on the ‘Get a license file’ link. Fill in the Network Interface Card (NIC) number for the computer on which you will be installing Quartus II and check the Academic checkbox. To find the NIC number, open up your command prompt and type in the command ‘ipconfig /all’. Your NIC is the string found on the physical address line, minus the dashes. Enter this string, minus the dashes, into the NIC box, click the academic use radio button, and then on continue. Click Continue and follow any remaining instructions. Altera will automatically email you a license file at the email address you provided in step 3. 6) After Quartus II has downloaded, run the installer and install the program. Instructions can be found at: - webdnl_consol.html 7) After installation, save the file Altera e-mailed you and save it into the installation directory (usually C:/altera/quartusXX, where XX is the version number) as “license.dat”.
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