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Unformatted text preview: on is impractical, analog observations are used in artificial settings Clinical Observations 17 Comer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, 5e – Chapter 3 Self­monitoring People observe themselves and carefully record certain behaviors, feelings, or cognitions as they occur over time Clinical Observations 18 Comer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, 5e – Chapter 3 Lists of categories, disorders, and symptom descriptions, with guidelines for assignment Focus on clusters of symptoms (syndromes) In current use in the US: DSM­IV­TR Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th edition), Text Revision Classification Systems 19 Comer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, 5e – Chapter 3 Published in 1994, revised in 2000 (TR) Lists approximately 400 disorders Listed in the inside back flap of your text Describes criteria for diagnoses, key clinical features, and related features which are often but not always present DSM­IV­TR 20 Comer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psych...
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