Geneis and Gilgamesh compare contrast

Geneis and Gilgamesh compare contrast - Mesopotamian and...

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Mesopotamian and Hebrew Cultural Parallels Many of the characters in Genesis show a strong connection to the characters in The Epic of Gilgamesh . Gilgamesh can be compared to Abraham while Enkidu is very similar to Adam . Although they were written in different time periods , the book of Genesis and The Epic of Gilgamesh show that the cultures were very comparable in their heroes and leaders . Both cultures tell stories of a leader going through trials and tests , only to pass each test with flying colors . It is amazing that so much can be taken from two different cultures from their writings alone . The book of Genesis begins with Adam in his innocence . Being the first man on Earth , he has not been exposed to any wrongdoing . In complete obliviousness , he is completely alone in the beginning . He becomes very in tune with the animals in his environment since there are no other humans whom with he can relate . Because he is so adapted to his environment , everything in it surrounds and accepts him . This is until he encounters a woman , Eve (Gen . 2 . 22) . Eve brings new ideas to Adam , and she opens up a whole new world of understanding for Adam . Unfortunately , this causes the nature that was once so accepting to reject Adam . No longer is he so understood by the plants and animals around him . In a sense , Adam trades his involvement with nature for an understanding of what he truly is , through one of his own kind .
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Geneis and Gilgamesh compare contrast - Mesopotamian and...

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