WC 110 Common Syllabus 2007

WC 110 Common Syllabus 2007 - World Cultures 110 Sections...

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World Cultures 110, Sections 1B, 2B, 3A and 4A Fall 2006 Foundations of World Traditions and Ancient Thought Instructor: Mrs. Wendy Thomas Office: OLM 345 Office Hours: To Be Arranged shortly Telephone: 488-1344 (office) 473-0624 (home: don’t call after 9 p.m.) Email: [email protected] Course Goals: World Cultures 110 and 120 together form the cornerstone of the General Education Program. As a result, World Cultures will emphasize the development of critical reading skills, critical thinking skills, and critical writing skills. The World Cultures 110 required reading list is largely common to the freshman class and contains books from the ancient to Renaissance world. Many will agree these readings are significant for their exploration of the questions that human beings have asked across cultures and apparently throughout time. We will carefully read these books and selections to develop critical reading skills. We will continuously emphasize critical thinking skills by identifying the questions people have been moved to ask, working through the many answers that different cultures have provided to these questions in serious small group discussions and by asking whether the answers from these cultures have any bearing on our lives today. Finally, through the use of the Hodges’ Harbrace Handbook , the practice of mentored writing and thoughtful rewriting of some assigned papers will provide students with the necessary skills to develop critical writing skills necessary for successful communication both in and beyond the college community. All sections of World Cultures 110 will follow the same schedule of readings and lectures, with variations in the seminar sessions depending on the interests of each professor. The same principles for assignments and evaluation are followed as much as possible by each professor. Required Texts: The Epic of Gilgamesh Genesis—Link to be provided Dialogues of Plato Tao Te Ching Qur’an The Inferno The Prince World Civilizations , vol. 1, 9 th edition Hodges’ Harbrace Handbook , 16 th edition Grades will be determined on the basis of the following considerations: Written Assignments 50% Exams (Midterm 10%, Final, 15%, Reading Quizzes 5%) 30% Class Participation and Attendance at Required Events 20%
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Writing Requirement For All Sections Of WC 110: Each student will be required to write the equivalent of approximately 20 typed pages during the course of the semester. The writing will be a combination of in-class and out-of-class
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WC 110 Common Syllabus 2007 - World Cultures 110 Sections...

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