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Continuum negotiation is at the bottom because

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Unformatted text preview: cause negotiation Negotiation theory is the base for all forms of conflict resolution (mediation, arbitration, even diplomacy) diplomacy) Negotiation Theory Negotiation Positional Negotiation Positions are the stance you take and your Positions proposed solution proposed • “I want $3,000 for this car” • “Stop taking my stuff – you have to ask me first.” Positions are your statements of what you’re Positions willing to give willing Positional negotiation starts with two Positional positions and attempts to find a middle ground between them, or barter until one party gives in to the other position. Positional Bargaining Hard vs. Soft positional bargaining Hard bargaining – make threats, damage Hard relationships, demand concessions from other party, goal is victory, search for one answer you will accept, apply pressure you Soft bargaining – you get taken, sacrifice your Soft needs for relationship, trust other party, disclose your bottom line, try to win friends, search for an answer they will accept Principled Negotiation Principled 1. Separate People from Problems 2...
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