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Separate people from problems 2 focus on interests

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Unformatted text preview: . Focus on Interests not Positions Topic interests/goals Relational interests/goals Identity or Face interests/goals Process interests/goals Process 3. Invent solutions for mutual gain 4. Insist the result be based on some 4. objective criteria objective Separate people from problems Separate Negotiators are people first The relationship needs to be taken into account The in all negotiations in Perceptions – does truth matter? every party in a negotiation has emotions and ego, every and can have misunderstandings and understand their perceptions to come up with better understand solutions solutions Emotions – the higher the stakes, the higher Emotions emotions run emotions Communication – all negotiations have Communication misunderstandings Negotiation Interests not Positions Negotiation Positions are something you decided on – Positions what you’re demanding as a solution what Interests are what got you there For every interest, there are several For positions you could take, and vice-versa positions To negotiate interests, identify them ask why? what are they getting from position ask why not? wha...
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