mid-term review

Transactive goals goals that emerge during the

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Unformatted text preview: structive (esp. face) can be sacrificed (esp. topic) Retrospective goals – set up for next time Invent Solutions for Mutual Gain Invent Easiest solution in a negotiation is to split Easiest the difference between the positions the In order to have more options to choose In from, you need more solutions from, Brainstorm Broaden your options • shuttle between the specific and the general • invent options of differing strength • change scope Make a bigger pie (game theory) • look for shared interests and goals • split differing interests Turn it into reaching a common goal Insist on Objective Criteria Insist Use a “Fair Standard” Use a “Fair Procedure” market value, such as “blue-book value” professional standards precedent scientific judgment Flip a coin, lottery, use a 3rd party, “I divide, you choose” choose” Agree to the principles first Not a way to strengthen your position – a fair Not standard must be fair for both parties standard...
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