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Directly if coser is correct and conflict serves a

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Unformatted text preview: m. directly If Coser is correct, and conflict serves a socially If useful function, then should conflicts be resolved? Game Theory Zero-sum game fixed pie People assume that they can either win or People lose. If I win a quarter, they lose a quarter – the If sum is always zero sum you give up nothing, because it means the you other side wins what you give up other HISTORY HISTORY Social movements: Gandhi and nonviolence – movement to free Gandhi India of British Rule India Women’s suffrage movement, 1848-1920 Lech Walesa and Solidarity in Poland Nelson Mandela/Desmond Tutu and the Nelson movement against Apartheid in South Africa movement Based off each other, and off Thoreau’s Based essay “Civil Disobedience.” HISTORY HISTORY Thoreau said: Two times when open rebellion is justified: Two when the injustice is no longer occasional but when a major characteristic major when the machine (government) demands when that people cooperate with injustice. Thoreau...
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