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What are they getting from position ask why not what

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Unformatted text preview: t are they not getting most common interests are needs-based Types of Interests Types T.R.I.P. Topic, relational, identity/face, process Topic and Process interests external, negotiable, substantive, tangible, external, expressed expressed Relational and Identity interests iinternal, non-negotiable, usually not nternal, expressed aloud, intangible (values) expressed DRIVE all conflicts Topic and Process Goals Topic Topic interests: what do we want? what are we fighting for? either both parties have the same goal, or either both parties have opposing goals both Process interests: what communication process will we use? process goals appear when low-power party process cries unjust process or unfair fight cries Relational Goals Relational Who are we to each other? How will we be treated? How much influence do we have over the How other? other? How interdependent are we? At the heart of all conflicts, but rarely At articulated...
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