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Hist 1301 Chapter 2 Notes - CHAPTER 2: TRANSPLANTATION...

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CHAPTER 2: TRANSPLANTATION 1600-1685 I. THE FRENCH IN NORTH AMERICA A. THE QUEST FOR FURS AND CONVERTS 1. French fishermen in Newfoundland met Indians who were willing to trade beaver pelts for European goods. 2. Samuel de Champlain led an expedition up the St. Lawrence River to found a permanent settlement at Quebec. The colony was managed by the Company of New France. Coureurs de bois are independent fur traders who venture into the forests to live and trade among native people. 3. The Indian tribes of Montagnais and Hurons welcomed the French as both trading partners and military allies. B. THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW FRANCE 1. King Louis disbanded the Company of New France and took direct control of the colony. It was ruled by a governor in charge of military and diplomatic affairs and an intendant who oversaw colonial finances and the judicial system. 2. Filles du roi were women sent to the colony to marry French men. Engages , or indentured servants , worked for three years for food, lodging, salary, and a return trip to France. 3. Land was owned by a gentleman called a seigneur who included fishing rights and collected fines and taxes. 4. Robert de La Salle followed the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico and claimed the entire valley, naming it Louisiana in honor of the French king. 5. Canada provided France with a secure foothold in the mainland. II. THE DUTCH OVERSEAS EMPIRE A. THE DUTCH EAST INDIA COMPANY 1. By 1600, the Dutch had become the leading economic power in Europe.
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2. The Dutch East India Company was founded to challenge the Portuguese monopoly of Asian trade. It captured the Spice Islands, Batavia, Ceylon, and Sumatra. B. THE WEST INDIA COMPANY AND NEW NETHERLANDS 1. The Dutch set their eyes on America and created the West India Company. Henry Hudson claimed the Connecticut, Hudson, and Delaware Valleys for the Dutch. 2. The first permanent Dutch settlement in North America was Orange. Peter Minuit established New Amsterdam. The West India Company offered large landed estates (called patrooonships) to wealthy Dutchmen. The colonists traded fur with the Iroquois Indians. III. ENGLISH SETTLEMENT IN THE CHESAPEAKE A. THE ORDEAL OF EARLY VIRGINIA 1. England had two charter companies for the New World: the Virginia Company and the Plymouth Company. Joint-stock companies sold shares to investors to raise money for colonization. 2. The Jamestown colony started out with 104 colonists in May 1607, but they neglected growing crops and by January 1608 only 38 were alive. John Smith was place in charge of the colony, but when he had to return to England he was replaced and the colony struggled again. They tried enforcing the legal code- Lawes Divine, Morall and Martiall . 3.
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Hist 1301 Chapter 2 Notes - CHAPTER 2: TRANSPLANTATION...

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