Social Developement Oct 4

Social Developement Oct 4 - • What is Temperament •...

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Dr. Nathanson SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT LECTURE OUTLINE: 10/4/07 READINGS: Chapter 11 (pages 431-454, 461-474) Optional readings on Blackboard: NYT article on Prof. Kagan’s studies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESEARCH METHODS Longitudinal Research Cross-Sectional Research RESEARCH ISSUES Nature vs. Nurture Stability vs. Change Steve Suomi study (class video): - Can Monkeys Change Inherent Behavior? Continuity vs. Stages ERIKSON’S EIGHT PSYCHOSOCIAL STAGES SOCIALIZATION Socialization agents Collectivist vs. Individualistic Societies Reciprocal Determinism FIRST RELATIONSHIPS
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Unformatted text preview: • What is Temperament • NYLS study on Types of Temperaments (Easy, Difficult, Slow to Warm Up) • Critical Period • Imprinting ATTACHMENT THEORY ( John Bowlby) • “Cupboard” theory of love • Harlow’s monkeys study • “Contact Comfort” theory • Failure to Thrive • Built in tendencies which help attachment SECURE ATTACHMENT • Strange Situation Test (Mary Ainsworth) • Insecure Attachment: (Avoidant attachment, Anxious Attachment) DIMENSIONS OF PARENTING STYLE (parental control & parental involvement) • Authoritarian Style • Permissive Style • Authoritative Style...
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Social Developement Oct 4 - • What is Temperament •...

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