He asked the servants to fill six water pots with

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Unformatted text preview: y ran out of wine. He asked the servants to fill six water pots with water and Jesus turned them into wine. This is the sign that manifested his glory and his disciples believed him. They traveled everywhere; He made many miracles, cured the sick, drove out demons, healed the blinds, and awaken the dead. Jesus life was then devoted teaching words of God; he speaks in parables delivering messages of wisdom, humility, sharing, forgiveness, and justice for everyone. He speaks of love; love for brothers and sisters, parents, neighbors, and to our enemies. He speaks of joy, happiness, the love of our father in heaven, the resurrection, and our home in the Kingdom of God. While Jesus followers grew in multitude and words of his miracles spread all over the land, the Chief Priest and Pharisees afraid that everyone will believe in him, gathered a council and plotted to put him to death (John 11:47-53). Before the Feast of Passover, Jesus said, “Ye know that after two days the feast of the Passover, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified”, (Mathew 26:2), he knew that the fulfillment...
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