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04 Emotion Book Notes - Emotion Book Notes Emotion...

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Emotion Book Notes Emotion – subjective evaluation, physiological processes and cognitive beliefs. Stress – pattern of behavioral and physiological responses to events that match or exceed one’s abilities. Emotions are adaptive because they prepare and guide behaviors. Facial expressions communicate emotion, lower half more so than upper Display rules – cultural rules that govern how and when emotions are exhibited Cultural stereotypes Americans are loud and obnoxious Women express more openly. Affect-as-information theory - Emotional states affect decision making, consciously and unconsciously Somatic Marker Theory – posits that most self-regulatory actions and decisions are affected by the bodily reactions, called somatic markers, that arise from contemplating their outcomes Somatic markers – bodily reactions that arise from the emotional evaluation of an action’s consequence Emotional content reduces attentional blink. Most vivid memories contain emotion, increase emotion arousal enhances
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04 Emotion Book Notes - Emotion Book Notes Emotion...

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