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Dr. Nathanson SOCIAL COGNITION LECTURE OUTLINE: 10/11/07 WHAT IS SOCIAL COGNITION? The way we size ourselves o Self-Concept o Self-Schema (The cocktail-party effect) o Self Esteem HOW DO WE FORM FIRST IMPRESSIONS? Thin-slices of behavior Primacy effect Confirmation bias Behavioral Confirmation biases (The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy) HOW DO WE EXPLAIN THE BEHAVIOR OF OTHERS?
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Unformatted text preview: • Internal attributions • External attributions • The Fundamental Attribution Error (Correspondence Bias) • Actor/Observer Difference • Self-Serving Bias • Culture & attributions • The two-step process of attribution HOW EFFECTIVE ARE WE AT SOCIAL COGNITION? • Anchoring and Adjustment heuristic • Availability heuristic • Representativeness heuristic • Ignoring base rate information...
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