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Isreal Palestine conflict

Isreal Palestine conflict - settlement of the Palestinian...

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Isreal Palestine conflict 07/04/2008 11:10:00 Israel/Palestine Holy land for the Jews as well as Arabs Zionism Israeli War for Independence o Syria Egypt Iraq Jordan Lebanon all fought against Israel o Displacement of the Muslims within Israel o US first country to Recognize Israel as a country PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) o Makes raids inside Israeli borders in hopes of recapturing Palestinian  land o Israel demands Egypt stop aid to PLO Nasser (Egypt) demands US removal of troops, Egypt troop  movement triggers a pre-emptive attack by Israel Israeli air attacks into Syria seizes Golan Heights Resolution 242-Peace talks between Israel and Arab neighbors Israel returns Gaza strip, West Bank, and Golan Heights;  Arabs must recognize the state of Israel, must be a “just 
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Unformatted text preview: settlement of the Palestinian refugee problem” Israel Accepts, but does not withdraws citing the lack of recognition; Arabs refuse to recognize due to lack of withdrawal PLO Hammas Hezbollah 1973 Yam Kippur War Pushed the Israelis and Arabs to their Cold War Allies; Egypt attacks Israel • Israel gets off its heels and puts down Syria then turns on Egypt Suez Crisis Britain and France will bomb troops around Canal and send in paratroopers while Israel invades Sinai peninsula in Egypt in order to “keep peace” • US demands they Back down and gains some ground in the Arab community for standing up against Israel; Nasser gains even more support than before ← 07/04/2008 11:10:00 ← 07/04/2008 11:10:00 ←...
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Isreal Palestine conflict - settlement of the Palestinian...

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