hist 1302 chapter 19 online review

hist 1302 chapter 19 online review - 1. The initial...

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1. The initial obstacle to exploiting the West was the people already living there, who used its resources in their own way  and held different concepts of progress and civilization. Your Answer: True   Correct.   2. Throughout the West, Indians had adapted to their enviornment, developing subsistence __________ ranging from  simple gathering to complex systems of irrigated agriculture. Your Answer: economies     Correct.   3. The most numerous Indian groups lived on the Your Answer: Great Plains.     Correct   4. Despite their diversity, all tribes emphasized __________ welfare over individual interest.
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Your Answer: community     Correct.   5. Native American tribes Your Answer: sought to live in ecological balance with their environments.     Correct.   6. The importance of the __________, which had gradually spread northward after its introduction by the Spanish in the  sixteenth century, indicates that Indian lives constantly adapted to changing conditions, including the appearance of  Europeans and then Americans. Your Answer: horse     Correct.   7. On the __________ Trail, in what the Lakotas called the Battle of One Hundred Slain, the Sioux wiped out an army 
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hist 1302 chapter 19 online review - 1. The initial...

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