Basic thermodynamic principles show that a reaction

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Unformatted text preview: A parameter if it results in reduction in the total energy of the system. In the absence of energy reduction the reaction the analysis converse is It may be used if reaction is thermodyns between atoms that are defined not occur; however, the of creep. not true. That is, even ata a given stress to does determine how long the part will last at a given r ions. Interstices in crystals arenamically possible, it may not actually occur. Thus, thermodynamics establishes the necessary condition but not the sufficient condition for a reaction to occur. temperature or to determine the maximum allowable ctahedral. Many chemical processes involve the breaking of atomic bonds and the subsequent temperature materials. These changes in bond formation of new bonds in for a fixed time duration. structure can alter the efect consisting of an atom or ion properties of the material. Since changes in bond structure involve energy changes, lattice Three-dimensional space-filling repeating comterstices of the structure under structural alterations are controlled by thermodynamic considerations. Examples ofpattern on which atoms or the are placed to such crystal. als may be either the same or a mon bond-alteration processes includeionsextraction of metals formasaaluminum, iron, and titanium from their ores, the melting of a solid to form a liquid, chemical attack of he solvent. One formation in the three-dimensional materials in lattice point aggressive environments, theposition of a solid from a collection of isolated space-filling repeating pattern that forms failure of materials on A solid solution in which atoms, the degradation of polymers in ultraviolet light, and the a crystal. One or resulting from the application of excessive force that breaks atomic bonds. more atoms or ions are placed at each lattice point. ign species are located in the It is important to note that changes in the system variables can result in a change in the thermodynamically favored state. For example, consider the change in bond calculate the lever rule An equation that enables one to stru...
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